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07-12-2010, 05:45 AM
I've noticed not many people are into making guides(but want them) so i decided to make one of my own :)

Wizard is a class that requires a lot of skill when playing. Like all classes, it depends on what gear and build you have, but WI's go beyond that. You need to know how to maximize your damage output and reduce your damage input. Your also a good crowd control class, due to your stuns and heavy damage. Contrary to popular beliefs, WI's are a very good solo class. I used to solo LS2 at 113 easily and people would be like "what? no way". Anyways lets get started...

There are several different builds for a wizard. It doesn't mean one is better then the other, its just a matter of personal preference and what you like to do most.
1. Amp/Damage
I wouldn't recommend this build to anyone without a lot of money to spend. You WILL need to get osm amp gloves/boots for this build.
2. Amp/Rate
This is the most common build for wizards and i would highly recommend it to those with a minimal cash flow. Most people get phery db orbs with 5%+ rate and osm db helm with 5%+ rate. You can either get stit amp boots/gloves or settle for mystic amp with 4%+ amp.
3. Will/Rate
This is the same concept as the amp/rate build, but instead of the amp boots/gloves you will use Will boots(usually PC tit extended). The gloves can be anything.
4. Hybrid
This build is really tricky to get the hang of and my personal favorite. Your going to be using damage/rate/and amp and will be changing your suits and accessories frequently. For this build 45+ rate is good. You don't need to cap it. You will need 2 phery db orbs +6 or above, 4+ rate extended. Osm db helm with 4% rate or above. For boots/gloves you will need mystic amp +6 or above. It doesn't matter how much amp they have, but the more the better. You will only be sacrificing a few amp but gaining more defense. The two suits you will need are a osm suit+6(or above) with 50 hp and 7% amp or pc amp suit with 100 hp. The other suit i wouldn't recommend going below a mystic suit+4 with 50hp(pve suit). For accessories you will need a vamp ammy and atleast one force absorb ring.

I'm not going to say which skills to get because most are optional(other then the obvious ones)

1. PVE combo
For pve in big mobs(ls, mf, pf) i use a stunlock combo which consists of the 4 moves EDC, SC, AF and EF. For a perfect stunlock put edc and sc at 12, af at 15 and ef at 9.
For boss fights(fgr bosses) i use my pvp combo.

2.PVP combo
There are many different ways you can go with your pvp combo. It just depends on your personal preferences. I for example like a pure lance combo. I use EDC>TL>FL>AL>FL>WL>repeat>SC(finisher). Some ask me why i use wind lance. Well i look at it this way, im using WL as a filler to get to EDC faster and inflict alot of damage. If you dont use windlance in that space you will have to use a cannon. A cannons cast time is 2 seconds, a lances is 1.8. So by the time you have shot off 1 cannon, i will have shot off wind lance and started .2 seconds into EDC. But some people choose to put Stone cannon and Fire cannon in their combo. Hey its your choice.

Anyways this looks like the end of my guide, comment if you liked it or think i need improvements. The reason i said i wasn't going to post the skills is because you don't NEED some of them. Some people don't get any cannons, and some don't get any lances. Its all up to you.

~Side note. If your going to play WI, you should learn how to change your combo for different situations and re-target(alot of people are going to be fading from you)


07-12-2010, 09:42 AM
You will only be sacrificing a few amp but gaining more defense.

If you really want defense over amp, go with forci. The defense you gain from using mystic is only slightly more than the def from shadowtitanium amp.

07-12-2010, 10:19 AM
its really hard to replace amp with def. u need around 10def or so just to make up 1amp at later lvls so i would get 7amp even if it was aramid

07-12-2010, 09:08 PM
As i said. There are many different builds. I for one like the defense of Mystic gloves/boots +6 and no its not slightly over shadowtitanium xD. I use mystic amp so i don't have to switch between gear for pve and pvp. Spur lemme ask you something. Would you go to pf in aramid? Even though i am losing some amp, i would prefer the defense for pve. Also i can tank a few people in war. If i had the money, i would probably get osm with amp in the slot for the defense/amp. But until then i'll stick with mystic :)