View Full Version : Astral Board Summer Sale Starts!

[GM] Jamie
07-22-2010, 06:38 AM
Hello, CABAL Players.

Summer Sale arrives a bit late for CABAL.
All the board items are offered at discounted price, at the same time the gift boxes for permanent boards are back again.

- X series(gift boxes & 30 days) : 50% off
http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/vehicles/Astral Board_X SteelBlue_01_GiftBox_50.gifhttp://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/vehicles/Astral_Board_X_Green_Giftbox_50.gif

- X2 series(gift boxes & 30 days) : 40% off
http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/vehicles/Astral Board_X2 Red_GiftBox_40.gifhttp://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/vehicles/Astral_Board_X2_Blue_Giftbox_40.gif

- X3 Series & K Series(gift boxes & 30 days) : 30% off

However, I have to say that we cannot give several chances to purchase board items per person, thus you can buy board item only 1 ea per kind.
Donít miss out this extra ordinary chance to get Astral Boards! (Try with newly added pre-paid card!)

CABAL Support Team

08-01-2010, 07:52 PM
Are these tradeable yet?
I heard the Gift Boxes were actually account-bound. o.o