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07-25-2010, 06:29 PM
So this has been a fairly annoying issue lately with some guild members. Everyone is probably familiar with how instances are setup, if you logout or get disconnected, you are fully removed from the instance no matter what. Meaning you lose the entry item, even if it wasn't your fault. (This also includes crashing while entering the instance.)

Two reasons why I think this should be removed, one being more viable then the other of course..

1. It is pointless; annoying; and a waste of time to a group as a whole.
Having a major class disconnect from a raid on you can make or break the instance depending on who you lose and such. Simply because they get lagged or crash, or disconnected due to other issues making them fully lose out on the instance is a bit harsh. One persons issue becomes the entire groups issue, which is a bit unfair to the group.

2. You offer entry items in the cash shop.
I know I would be seeking a refund if I bought an entry item and then landed up crashing or getting disconnected from the instance. I don't understand how this is still the setup for instances in this game after so long, even more so when the entry items are now offered in the shop.

I seriously suggest fixing the instances to no longer kick you out, but instead, keep the timer ticking while you are offline. When you log back in, you log back into the instance. (It can honestly put you back at the start for all I care, or put you back where you were.) Your copy of the instance is still there, as if you never disconnected.

I've crashed while entering various instances, or got booted from the instance for no reason. Then today to have two people get disconnected during a run which killed our entire run. It is honestly getting very annoying to waste money on instances. (And no I don't buy from cash shop. And never will because of this specific reason.)

Along with this, since someone will mention it most-likely, people will still want a way to exit the instance promptly. For that you could add something to the player menu while you are in an instance. (The menu you can use when you target yourself and click on the menu etc.) Such as 'Leave Instance'.

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07-25-2010, 10:32 PM
Fully agree.
Being withdrawn from the dungeon because you were booted, for whatever reason, is ridiculous.
There've been so many times I've lost Entries half-way through a dungeon, it gets annoying.

07-26-2010, 05:57 AM
But u could get In if u Just try to lol. i can relog from eod and still come bak in.

07-26-2010, 06:10 AM
But u could get In if u Just try to lol. i can relog from eod and still come bak in.

HA? ... Maybe by using another entry item?