View Full Version : The brand new CHANGE KIT has been arrived! - Aug 5th.

[GM] DaisY
08-05-2010, 09:55 PM

Hello CABAL Players,

Are you guyz ready to make-up your characters?
The brand new Change kits have been released! Please check out the details below:

1. Change Kit(Face) - Festival Type A

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/ChangeKit/Change Kit(Face)/Preview/Image/ChangeKit_Face_Festival_A_W.jpg
http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/ChangeKit/Change Kit(Face)/Preview/Image/ChangeKit_Face_Festival_A_M.jpg

2. Change Kit(Hair Style) - Oriental Type B

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/ChangeKit/Change Kit(Hair Style)/Preview/Image/ChangeKit_HairStyle_Oriental_B_W.jpg
http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/ChangeKit/Change Kit(Hair Style)/Preview/Image/ChangeKit_HairStyle_Oriental_B_M.jpg

P.S. We will update those new change kit pairs (Face / Hairstyle) on Item Shop for next week, the last one!

CABAL Support Team