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08-11-2010, 04:00 PM
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Ok hopefully the word money got your attention in the title. I've played several free MMORPGs and the most successful ones that ive been in have allowed you to sell everything you can buy from cash shop in the game. With either auction house or a player shop. Look at it this way .

Player A has good job and excess money to buy eCoin
Player B has crappy job but tons of Alz ingame
Player A buys eCoin and sells it in auction Player B buys it and uses it

Now you may think that your missing out cause player B isn't actually paying you anything. However you would be mistaken in that line of thought . Since player B didn't have disposable income he never would have bought it anyways. Player A will probably find it easier to spend real money to make Alz than to go out and farm it therefore he will end up buying alot more of it than usual therefore your sales will actually go up. That is my first suggestion.

Secondly what is up with the lack of permanent items? People don't want to spent 10 - 20 $ on an item that only lasts for 30 days or less. I know this because its how i feel. I just started playing the game a couple days ago and i would have spent alot more already if everything wasn't duration or account bound. Another thing you can do to make more money is release more costumes lets face it that's about he only way to make your character unique is either costumes or style changes. I'm betting that alot of people would like to buy costumes or something of that sort but there isn't any that they want out and they end up forgetting about it when they get decent looking armor.

ok. im done for now.


1. Let us sell cash shop items in game (dungeon entry costumes etc.)
2. Get rid of durational items ( best free to play mmo i know has no durational items in cash shop and it make ALOT of money wont say the name but initials are P.W.I don't try to play it unless you have alot of money to burn )

anyway ty for reading my exceedingly long post and have a pleasant day

08-11-2010, 05:02 PM
I agree however I have a few things I would like to add.

The first thing being about the bots that spam gold buying sites in towns and the range hackers in the farming areas. I think alot more people would play if they weren't there. It can be extremely annoying trying to do a quest that requires Quest Items as drops from mobs when there is a range hacker at the mobs you need. In my experience that tends to piss off alot of people causing them to quit which in the long run you being lose money. People stop buying cash shop items since they cant do much with all the hackers around.

Second thing is I agree with what was said about a way to sell eCoins in game or atleast get rid of the Account Bound from the items in the cash shop. I did happen to play P.W.I and i have to admit with there not being a duration time on the cash shop items I did spend quite a bit of money and i knew people that spend thousands a week. On the other hand I think there should be a way to set a price on a cash shop item so people cant set prices insanely high like spending 89 eCoins on something then charging millions of in game money for it. Make it to where cash shop items have a set price in game coin wise so that the players that can't afford to buy eCoins can afford the cash shop items in game but also make it to where the players that are buying eCoins arent being completely ripped off in game. ( not exactly sure how to go about that but I'm still working on that idea).

Third thing is about the duration times on items. I honestly think the only items that should have a duration are the Skill exp, Pet exp, AP and Exp blessing beads. The costumes shouldn't have a duration time. Another example of what i mean about the blessing beads is to make the lowest duration time on them 2 hours. Like the blessing beads that drop in weakened dungeons that only have a 3 minute time on them its pointless because the 3 minutes isnt enough time to really gain anything by using them. I do think the blessing beads that do drop in the weakened dungeons should still keep the character bind and level requirement. In regards to the costumes if you really wanted to make money off of them I would suggest making individual pieces for arms, chest, feet, legs and head. That way players could mix and match them causing the ones that buy eCoins to spend more money. Which would make more people play because not everyone would look alike.

I've played several MMORPG's so I kind of have a feel for what would work and what wouldnt work. So why not use what i know to see if i cant make a great game even better.
Thanks for your time.

08-11-2010, 06:32 PM
Of course we do...