View Full Version : Cost of Wizard

08-15-2010, 08:49 PM
I'm thinking hard about rerolling..WI was a fun class when i used to play it. So say I go with Wiz and I go for these items:

Phery Orb or Xtal + 7 40dmg
Titanium Helm 40dmg 7 rate if i am lucky OR Titanium Helm 20dmg 8 rate (how much rate would this extend to)
Osmium suit 7amp 50hp + 6
Titanium/S,Titanium boots/gloves 7amp
Extra isn't a priority right now.

How much would this cost me? Im on venus server and the SEM's would come from ecoins, so don't count those in price. Thanks in advance guys :)

08-18-2010, 02:53 AM
for a start dont touch crystals there a waste for a wizard, as for the orbs/helm farm weak eod once you hit level 70 just de-exp in the rank up dungeon and you can farm as much as you can in there. Suit id go s.t unless you can find amp'd titan with an extra slot fill with hp then extend but then again you can use osm amp'd suit anyway. As for your question about the extend of rate the crafted rate/cd does not get extended its the slotted rate/cd that does so having a 16 % cd helm (for example) fill the first slot with rate (If your lucky) this would give you a 5%cr/16%cd helm +10% cd from the 2nd slot now get your extender and fill the last slot with cd making it a 7% cr/40% cd helm Since the max cd you can get using an extended item is 25% for all 3 slots so its always best to get rate in the slot to give you an extra 2%cr.