View Full Version : Agent Shop slot extensions.

04-10-2010, 11:38 PM
There should be a Blessing Bead that stacks with Premium that allows you to have more slots for the Agent Shop. Adds +2 or +3 additional slots, has variants that lasts for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days.

There should also be an item/service that permanently extends your Agent Shop slots and stacks with Premium, but does not stack with the Blessing Bead.

All Blessing Beads and Services should be available in the Cash Item Shop.

04-11-2010, 08:54 PM
it'll be called "Agent Blessing Bead" lol

04-12-2010, 09:47 AM
Item shop should sell forcy weps, so many ppl will buy xD