View Full Version : Tourney betting system. (something practical)

08-25-2010, 09:10 PM
i was just wondering, since this games way of making money is either A. buy stuff from item shop, or B. luck. why cant their be a tounrey where u place bets?

like you have 12 bots or so, each face one vs one (no combo) and they battle it out until their is one remaining.

set up something like this

and you just bet, the types of characters will have the same type of armor, and their would be 2 of each class out of the 12? or mabye theirs just 6 bots facing each other based on AI. (one of each class)

i mean, its fun lol. ive played one other game where they did this, kept people interested longer.

also on a side note a new FA buff= cut casting time by 0.5 seconds xD