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08-29-2010, 01:06 AM
NOTE* Donations are decided by YOU!

Due to the horrible economy, most people are poor. So i've decided to craft for a small donation or a big one if you like ;)

Please Pm me through forums, or Pm gapple In game. you can find him in Channel 9, Bi mostly.

Alright, let's get started.


OSM Armorhelms OF DB:

1x Osm Armor helm 2 slot empty
11x Dark Discs (Lv3)
11x osm cores
1x Armor Shape cart lvl 3

OSM Martialhelm of DB

1x OSM martial helm 2 slot empty
11x Dark discs (Lv3)
11x Osm cores
1x martial cart lvl 3

Titan Armorhelm of DB:

1x Titanium Armorhelm 2 slot (Slots filled with crit dmg)
10x Dark disc (Lv2)
10x Tianium cores
1x Armor cart lvl 2


Osm armorsuit of Amp

1x Osm armor suit: Max crit rate first slot, 2nd slot clean.
11x Thunder discs (Lv3)
11x Osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Osm armorsuit of Will

1x osm Armor suit 2 slots empty
9x soul disc (Lv3)
9x osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Titanium armorsuit of will

1x Titanium armorsuit 2 slot empty
8x soul disc (lv 2)
8x tit cores
1x Armor cart lvl 2


Shineguard Gaunts of amp

1x SG gloves FS/WA +4
14x Thunder Discs (Lv3)
14x red osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Shineguard Gaunts of Vamp

1x SG Gloves FS/WA +0
10x Bloody Discs (Lv3)
10x Red osm cores
1x Armor Cart lvl 3

OSM Armor gloves of Amp

1x OSM Armor gloves 2 slot (1st slot: max crit rate,2nd empty.)
11x Thunder Disc (Lv3)
11x Osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3


Shineguard greaves of Vamp

1x SG greaves +0 Fs/WA
8x bloody discs (Lv3)
8x Redosm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Osm Armor Boots of Amp

1x OSM Armorboots 2 slot (1st slot: Hp auto heal +2, 2nd slot empty)
11x thunder discs (Lv3)
11x osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Osm Armor boots of will

1x Osm armor boots 1 slot (Hp in slot)
9x Soul discs (Lv3)
9x osm cores
1x Armor cart lvl 3

Titanium Armorboots of will

1x Titanium armorboots 2 slot empty
8x Soul Discs (Lv2)
8x Titanium cores
1x Armor carts lvl 2

General Crafting:

Slot Ext. Low

25 unknown circuits
25 aqua quartz core
25 material core titanium
5 ST material core

(Material varies due to fail crafts)

SeH (If anyones brave enough :p)

1x Slot ext. Med.
1x force amplicator

Hp pots x999

50x Upgrade core peices
400x Hp potions lv 3

Return Stones x999

25x Force core peices
25x Upgrade core peices
400x Return stones

Mp Pots x999

50x Force core peices
400x Mp pots

If you want any item that's not on the list please pm me.

Again, all craft donations are decided by YOU. Any amount you feel necessary will do. Thanks for reading, Happy caballing <3 :D

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well that's pleasant.

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Bump, This sounds great, I'm gonna start collecting materials now. o.o

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bumps for you gapple.

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Stop bumping!

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where the osm martial suit crafter at sleep???

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right here, what you want