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[GM] Jamie
09-03-2010, 04:02 AM
Hello, CABAL Players.

With the new contents update “Porta Inferno”, Item Shop is also filled with brand new products!
Here are the brief introduction of updated cash items on this week.

1. Wonder Box (Account Binding)
As you can see through the box, SIGMetal Weapons are hidden in the boxes. There are total 6 types of Wonder Boxes by each weapon type. The wonder thing of Wonder Box is that the weapons you can get randomly already include Epic / Force Core options.

However, you must remember that those items from Wonder Box are Character Binding as well as 30 day terms. If you’re lucky, you will get permanent item in a low chance.

2. Honorable Circle (Account Binding)
Revive your party member in the dungeon / field / Mission War, whatever! When you use the item on the dead character in a party, following window will be popped-up.

3. Holy Water (Account Binding)
Attention people who are looking for extra edge for game play. We here bring some amusement for refresh. Try with Holy Water, remarkably strengthen buff potions!

[Holy Water Series]

CABAL Support Team