View Full Version : Update on Item Shop

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 04:39 AM
Thank you for your comments and opinions about item shop.
We're monitoring all of your threads and trying to reflect them to improve the shop.
Today, we had added some of the items according to your request.

But please understand that we had set some limits to purchase tradable items.
It is to prevent ruining the in-game economy by reselling a massive amount of items.
Details of new items are as below;

1. Costume Epaulet Permanent
- We will sell Costume Epaulet Permanent items as account binding.
- Stock of each Costume Epaulet is limited to 100EA.
- They will be sold for 7 days only.

2. Blessing Bead Plus
- Weve sold it as account binding but, we will sell it as tradable from today.

3. Costumes and Boards
- Gift Boxes will be added

We welcome your ideas about CABAL item shop.
CABAL Support Team