View Full Version : Core Enhancer (Highest) on Item Shop

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 04:46 AM
Hello, CABAL Players!

Good News for all!
Core Enhancer (Highest) is now available on Item Shop.
While introducing Core Enhancer (Highest), we provide Core Enhancer (High) as discounted price as well.
Please check out below details.

- Core Enhancer (Highest) 10ea : 1,799 eCoin
- Core Enhancer (Highest) 1 ea : 199 eCoin
- Core Enhancer (High) 10 ea : 1,799 eCoin -> 1,251 eCoin
- Core Enhancer (High) 1 ea : 189 eCoin -> 139 eCoin

Donít miss this great chance to enhance your normal Upgrade Core High or below, and make your Event S.I.G gear as your own for permanent!

Best Regards,
CABAL Support team