View Full Version : Charisma Pan and Crag Turtle Attack Nevareth! (6/10 ~ 6/30)

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 05:51 AM
Hey Cabalists,

Two DANGEROUS monsters have suddenly appeared in different parts of Nevareth.
Charisma Pan and Crag Turtle have gone bad and are trying to destroy the world.
Whatever has turned good pets evil, they just would not go away!
Nevareth is going to need your help to clear them out!

They also drop special items including very rare ones,
So please check out these details and take advantage of this great chance!

* Event Period
: 6/10 ~ 6/30

* Event Details
Please visit the link below for the details:

Be ready! Log-in to CABAL and invite your friends to join to save the Nevareth!

CABAL Support Team