View Full Version : Guild Event to be Held! 29th Jul ~ 19th Aug

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 05:11 AM
Dear CABAL players,

Be sure not to miss your chance to win a custom designed guild emblem and a rare guild title!

- Event Title: Level Up for Your Guild!

- Period: 2010.7.29 ~ 2010.8.19 (3 weeks)

- Participants: Every player who is in a guild.

- How to Participate:
1. Join any guild.
2. If your character is Lv 119 or below, level up.
3. If your character is Lv 120 or above, earn APs.

- How Winners are Decided.
1. Each winning guilds are selected from 5 competing sections per server.
2. Competing Section: Guild Level. (Level data based on the starting time of event period.) -> New Guild(Guild created during the event period.), Guild Lv1, Guild Lv2, Guild Lv3, and Guild Lv4
3. From each competing sections, guilds that have won the most Event Points wins.
4. Number of Winning Guilds: 5 per server x 2 servers = Total of 10 guilds.
5. How Event Points are derived:
*Total Event Points = Sum of Daily Event Points Earned Throughout the Event Period
*Daily Event Points = (Number of Characters within Lv 52 ~ 119 Who Leveled Up during the day. + Number of Characters within Lv 11 ~ 49 who leveled up their battle style level during the day.) X Sum of AP earned during the day by characters of lv 120 or higher.

- Reward: Self-Designed Guild Emblem and Periodical (8 weeks) Guild Title
* Guild Title Option:
> Guild Title Name : The Member of the Nevareth Resolutionary Party
> Option: Sword, Magic Amp. +2%, Attack, Magic Attack +2, HP +30
> Duration: 8 weeks

For further details, please check the Event Page.

CABAL Support Team