View Full Version : Porta Inferno is coming on 2nd Sep

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 05:17 AM
Hello, CABAL Players.

Finally, new contents update, “Porta Inferno” will be released on up-coming Thursday M/A.
We will have an occasionally longer M/A this time as below.

[Porta Inferno Contents Update on 1st Sep to 2nd Sep]
- M/A Schedule
[PDT] 1st Sep 21:00 ~ 2nd Sep 04:00
*Above schedule can be extended due to unpredicted situation.
- M/A Activity
1. Porta Inferno Contents Update
2. New events will be added
+ Multiple Event
+ Level Up Event
+ Collection Event
3. New Item Shop Promotion
+ Special Promotion for Premium Service Buyer
+ Price off for Wexp Beads
4. Guild event winners get their emblem

Ready to grind up for Lv 180? Recommend you to read out Update Reviews of Porta Inerno on website once again.

CABAL Support Team