View Full Version : Special Price off for Labor Holiday

[GM] Sky
09-09-2010, 05:20 AM
Hello, CABAL players

Holiday special price off from Item Shop.
For this week, Wexp Beads are offered at 30% off price as well as Core Enhancer High and Highest cut out as 50%.

[30% OFF Wexp Beads]
Item Name 30% OFF (eCoin)
Blessing Bead Wexp 50% 3 days 349
Blessing Bead Wexp 50% 1 day 174
Blessing Bead Wexp 50% Single War 62

[50% OFF Core Enhancer Highest / High]
Item Name 50% OFF(eCoin)
Core Enhancer Highest 100
Core Enhancer Highest 10 ea 900
Core Enhancer High 50
Core Enhancer High 10 ea 450

Above special offer starts from Sep 3rd and ends on Sep 8th.

CABAL Support Team