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Conversation Between Valdoroth and Listeria

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  1. XD Who knows where i'll be next June!!
  2. had to make a fun rhyme ^_^, though it would be cool to take you out to lunch one afternoon when i get back stateside if you were wiling ^_^
  3. o.o?
  4. listy ^_^
    i miss ye!
    may i come visit thee?
    sometime next june on leave
  5. harrooooooo
  6. hi val ^__^ i'm on here all the time, i just don't post often!
  7. nice nice nice ^_^do well and don't slack off at all.
  8. lol >.> first year professional school
  9. pretty good. been decent with work. So what year you now, Junior?
  10. hey val, been super busy with classes how are you?
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