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  1. Just got honor rank 15 on wa playing around with gl as well
  2. nothing much man, im trying to recover my old blader account, cant remember the password to it so i sent an email but the email they sent back to me never comes so i sent in a ticket. No answer so far :l how u been
  3. Sup bro
  4. wats up big boy remember me?
  5. hey bro were you at lol i have been looking for you?
  6. sup bro didnt speek to you in awhile lol just bought new ram and expecting to be here friday or thursday, what u been up to
  7. yeah thats true, that would be epic
  8. i like uzimaki chronicles 1 and 2 i just dont like the fact its not from the cartoon........if they did what dragon ball z budikia 3 and start from episode one two like at pain saga i think it would be epic and i would be the first to buy
  9. i used to like the ultimate ninja
  10. do you play any naruto games
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