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  1. and heat trying to get reshawd lewis and marcus camby to
  2. Yeah, I saw. My boi Nash went to Lakers o_o
  3. ray ray xD leggo heat
  4. xD true i hope they get them both
  5. Ray Allen is old too o.o but they can still take them in. Just sign shorter contracts to see how they fit in with the team.
  6. well lebron is kinda like a point gaurd and i see what you mean but nash is old and prly want be able to keep up with the heat speed and they wanted ray allen to space the floor more sense he is a more consistent shooter and is a smart one to(man can still dunk xD) and did you here about the nets trying to get joe johnson and dwight howard? i hope they get them cause thats a real eastern conference finals dwade lebron and bosh against d.william joe johnson and dwight howard
  7. Meh, I'd rather have Nash go to Heat than Allen. Real point guard , can shoot well, fast-paced like the Heat.
  8. your lucky xD grats hope we get ray allen and did you see their new rookie center?
  9. The Heat are doing fine o.o LeBron is in my city atm partying.
  10. how those heat doing?
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