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Conversation Between kenei and ZetsubouSensei

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  1. max 5b alz right?
  2. If u comin venus help me xfer some alz to venus too
  3. hmm. i am in merc atm , if i can buy that orb from venuse, i wll come over venue anytime. so i iwll pay abit more then 2b, if i come over to venus
  4. Venus
  5. are u in venus or merc now
  6. Meh ive got a 2b offer by another person too shell a bit more and deal jejeje
  7. 3b is abit out of my buget for now. maybe only conside if going for 2b max, since i am trying to get other orbs too. cant spend that much now
  8. 3b for rw urs!!!
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