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Conversation Between Lord Kronius and EmmersonLazaro

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  1. i will check it out >=D
  2. ok... 1) download it. 2) install it. 3) go play

    easy right? xD
  3. teach me.
  4. play tera broski
  5. jess? jess is who >_>? idk a jess
  6. lol jess is lovedemented, and ok you do that xD
  7. Ok cool. I would love som1 to sp me.. oh WAIT.. i dont have 2 computers so... dangit!!! umm, IDK WHO JESS IS. and, but what about theresa? she's hawt >=P
  8. oh if you wanna play in merc let me know i can give you my acc info..
    oh and i sold all my chars except the 156 wi
    and and i transmuted my kred so.. yea no kred xD
  9. i think so xD sooo.. gogo get jess LOL
  10. xDD DDD srsly thoguh? shes single? >=D xDDD
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