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Conversation Between Lord Kronius and EmmersonLazaro

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  1. lol come on.. you can do eet go hit on jess if u want eGf xD
  2. already quited lol
  3. dont quit q.q it will be OK! Unless you're on merc.. then you can go d**... bro i need an in game girl friend. help me v.v
  4. those motherfc*** aiming for my account xD got hacked 2x in 1 month
  5. EMMER! I knew you was on >_>
  6. i might play my friend's fb though in venus
  7. i never had a sig o.o
  8. i cant even login to the cabal site, they completely changed my account info
  9. Nah just send in ticket. Tell bear or som1.
  10. no, not just my fb.. they hacked my whole account xD they change my id or pass or idk..
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