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Conversation Between [GM] Bear and oDIoSAo

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  1. ticker 34695

    Issue Account

    read urgent

    08-14-2011 08:59:28
    Warrior lvl 179
    GM oDIoSAo Happened with my character open the account and the character does not Appear I get to create a new character you've deleted me or what I want a good Happened Because I am helping explanation and showing Against Them Against the hack and now I have my character
    or might be transferable account to investigate and recover my account to have to do a reset to the server
  2. I can talk to you GM Bear
  3. GM because you do not give the reason for blocking my account because until you send a private emil do not answer and you keep posting on the forum instead of watching our ticker because there is no reason for me blocked my account
    ticker 33651
    Account Issue
    hi GM Bear
    reason I would like to know why they are blocking at least has no reason as I do and it does not answer the ticker
    08-03-2011 16:16:32
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