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Conversation Between Saiyushu and ReknoWunzz

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  1. Nahh, im calling it a night lol. Saturday im all for it.
  2. yo Vinnie, Let's go somewhere man.
  3. yeah i know hahahaha. But see you when you get here. later
  4. Yeah all his stuff dried out and like died lol, me and Erick were
    fawking laughing hard lol.

    BUT on the good side. i got 19 phillies and 12 papers..... =]
  5. Bro come to my house , i got some FIRE! =]
  6. Check out my new class meng.
  7. What ever man LOL. lets get on Black ops, this sht getting boring -.- .
  8. LOL gtfo . What about that time we were at Ronnies BBQ and my sisters
    top fell off when she tried to jump on you lmao. i should make you pay for all that
    action you got!.
  9. Alright.... you gonna have to stop charging me for everything.
    i feel like im getting pimped QQ.
  10. LOL ... man ... my Dog ripped it to shreds. Beads were EVERYWHERE hhahahaha.
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