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Conversation Between hanadin and infiCathi

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  1. haha the wars are good, though prices skyrocket...

    people can or cannot be nice at 16x.

    I don't know. It's sort of self oriented. But I love it because it's my spoiled child.
  2. 16x
  3. lol it depends on the level you are, to be honest.
  4. ooooo sounds good xD thanks alot

    btw how is venus im thinking about coming there soon o.0
  5. lol just finished doing the character extraction. Will be done soon enough!
  6. xD i know
    how is my sig going if u started on it yet xD
  7. xD I'm just kidding.
  8. o.0 HE?
  9. o.o SHE?
  10. Be happy she even made you one :O

    still waiting for mine wondering whats it gonna look :O
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