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Conversation Between Cathy and Valdoroth

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  1. Raw Freestyle! You got a chance ^_^
  2. I am gonna lose so bad in pvp x.x
  3. Cathy! You should text me sometime ^_^ Now that i'm no longer in germany I can text once again yay!

    Aside from that. this Friday, you ready to pvp some?
  4. Cassey said to hurry up and come over to merc so you girls could "pass me around". lol <3 yall
  5. i dont think i can afford an xfer to venus and back XD
  6. Cathy, are you coming to visit for real?
  7. nope, lasthour didn't make that. i been playing around with his calc though :P
  8. Is that from LastHour? I need that updated one then
  9. o.o
  10. I was looking the dmg calc with that beta version of the bm3 skills, and it looks like FB's best combo for highest possible dmg is Synergy 1 x2 and Synergy 3 x1 stacked. but that of course would take 12 seconds to set up if i'm correct, but that damage is still rediculous!Edit: Was looking at it again, and if you had the same stats for each class, it goes: FB>FA>BL/WA (Same O.o)>FS>WI.
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