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  1. Oookay your gonna be my first choice regardless
  2. okay make sure to sell it ot me instead of somebody else
  3. yes, i still have one but i was gonna sell after the 3/20 goes to +12
  4. Cassey do you still have your 20 cd +12 orb? XD i want to buy one
  5. my shows come on tonight im gonna still alittle bit more then go and watch them
  6. I'll get a video up this weekend comparing our bm2 to our bm3 ;0
  7. more fun lmao
  8. FA is gonna be a massive dps machine after bm3 update. literally puts out 2x more damage on bosses with no regen, and we know regen is fa's worst enemy, meaning pf bosses will die more than 2x faster~!
  9. Ooh
  10. the blue mountain dew D=
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