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Conversation Between AngelScythe and Miavii

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  1. well i am a hermaphrodite thats why i look like a man but you can still think im hot and adore me like everyone does
  2. would be nice if you were a real gurl :/ 2 bad u said u a shemale
  3. do u like me?
  4. hello im a dude...a tranI love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ual?...you know what that means?
  5. ...wtf??
  6. of course i look like a dude. im mengavii
  7. laughing and took it seriously lol

    you sure you are the trauma queen? you look like a dude
  8. i dont get serious. i was laughing cause you didn't make sense nig. LOLOLOL KAKAKAKAKA ZZZZZZZZ LALALALALA
  9. Mad because I didn't make sense? haha you took it too seriously, trolling queen.
  10. you dont make sense. if i was real trauma queen i should have shut first? wtf lol. do you know what trauma is? basically you dont cause trama cause trauma so i cant shut up cause im the trauma queen. nig lover wash your nig's big blk derrier and i should have shut first? wtf you don't make sense go back to school nig. learn some abc's.
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