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Conversation Between Enso and DeathlikeHowls

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  1. XD
    Just txt me, I'll prolly be playing guitar or something.
  2. No clue. XD
  3. Fer shiz.
    When will you be on? xD
  4. Haha, sure thing, I can tomorrow. Right now I'm scamming in CH5 and gonna go sleep soon. o.o
  5. You need to help me grind. XD
  6. Very nice ^^
  7. Chaotic is fully equipped. ^^
  8. What's the first keeper I get for WI?
    Skill I mean, I'm gonna play mine while I'm making Chaotic Martial, so I'll save money. XD
  9. Lol I have 924 XD
  10. K, lol.
    I'm going Martial for funsies.
    Have anything to sell? xD
    I'm already down to like 92 STR too, almost 900 INT. o.o
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