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Conversation Between Lord Kronius and EmmersonLazaro

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  1. Are you coming back? =D I think that means you are... >_>
  2. banana is so depressing and i dont really talk there + i wanna join a venus guild
  3. Lmao. You're in Tang? =0 what happen to banana guild? >.<
  4. no lol thats our pic as a joke xD
  5. LMFAOOO, that picture is disgusting. Was it to make fun of Sereitei ? lol
  6. do you like the pic i posted in the thread "in game pic inreal life pic" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  7. i got taste xD
  8. Why you has such cool forum background? >.<
  9. lmfao your territory ? where is that? lol
  10. WHAT DA PHAK! get out of my territory xD
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