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  1. i might have been afk. i've done that alot this past week and half. Glad to know you're back. I'm re-buddying you since your not on my list anymore >_>, and you changed name me thinks. pm me again today and hope i'm not asleep. kinda had odd day of work so didn't sleep last night.
  2. My workout is doing great dude thanks for asking. Yes I am back btw, and I even said hi to you on shout chat but you never responded to me.
  3. So how's that working out coming along? haha
    And you back? bcs that would be a sunrise.
  4. Stamina is the one thing that I don't have. I used to be able to run a mile without any harm done but I can't do that anymore haha. I have to get that back up again.
  5. Its pretty well with work and all. Very repetitive and sometimes slow. Need to get out running more though. If I can't run 3-5 mi and not be the slightest winded then I'm good to go, but right now I don't think I'm quite there.
  6. Whats up Val. It's going good for me I'm just taking care of my priorities right now. Work, school, and gym. Thats about it. How about you how are you doing?
  7. Hello hello Marth! How's life going?
  8. Ello
  9. well not again (its first station), but yes I am now. I'm in Germany atm, but its not seeming to let me play EU version atm, which i'm trying to fix. its odd. My computer says my IP is from the US but when i looked online it says Germany. O.o? I can load both versions to thelogon part but then it just fails to connect, so i sent tickets to both HD lol. Hope one of them will help.
  10. Hope that pharmacy school is going well . I'll probably be in Germany when you respond to this.
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