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  1. ahhh dont jinks me like that lol gonnna run a couple of lids to plus 15 my gs so........
  2. Yea but sometimes things go wrong and ur ram might've not done the trick haha but congratz.
  3. yeah.......it was my ram thought i told you that lol
  4. lol does cabal work now?
  5. Just got my ram .....................get ready go ahead and make room for me
  6. lol well if you say so i been playing yu-gi-oh (dont judge me its a past time) and starting to miss cabal and its community and been on my yu-gi team website.(pros top 200 out the whole world) but cabal is better main reason cause its free
  7. no ones uses it who cares
  8. lol find out what it is so i can log on to it
  9. i forgot iono if its still up
  10. and whats the guild website
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