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Conversation Between MagitekGirl and Roxlyn

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  1. happy vday babe!! muuuah!! i know ppl are gunna steal my poem but who cares!! lol i wish i had the words to tell you i love ou everyday but the feeling is sooooo strong its hard to find the words to say i love you beyond all words and promise to loove you beyond all time there are so many blessings tht await you in this life....but meeting you has been mine^^ love you muuahhhh laters
  2. yea.. yea i did too..
  3. hey you got the weird im in love with you paragraph too!! from tht wi=eird guy
  4. hey
  5. heyy..

    I want to talk to you for a bit..
  6. You are now a GM O.o

    .....btw can you gm buff me please >.>?
  7. Rox is the only one to reach this level of awesome
  8. I cant believe i mistook you for roxio O.o...

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