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Conversation Between MagitekGirl and Unsanctified

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  1. when u coming venus nooobs
  2. u piece of dookie hurryu pand come
  3. Lies
  4. blegh, my sis is hoggin the ps3

    btw, im cuter than your siggy :3
    ..and u know it!
  5. U ! Me and u cod tonite >
  6. whaat lol O.o
    and i shreddd, top score i got in ground war is 104 / 8 =x
  7. id i can beat you in carl of duty would u accpet me as yo daddy
  8. lol, am not x.x

    going afk.

    if i could war as good as i play black ops, id be bringer every week >=D
  9. ur a liar :O
  10. i dont do anal
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