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  1. my msn is [email protected] but idk when i will get my new pc so it might be awhile before i come to vindictus
  2. ok give me you msn and i will be playing Vindictus aswell
  3. hey, im not coming back to cabal so if you wanna talk to me add me on msn or something? i moved to Guild Wars but when i get my pc i might move to Aion or Vindictus, so if you have msn let me know (i have yahoo but i dont use it anymore)
  4. xbox lol i could care less for ps3...sure ps3 has free online play but xbox has more fun/challenging games
  5. xbox? playstation only have one ><
  6. lol im on the 3rd Disc ^^
  7. i play that sometime i like street fighter more
  8. awesome ^_^ i feel like playing some Final Fantasy XIII
  9. super street fighter ^_^
  10. what game?
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