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  1. Well, Shadow, looks like you will have to modify your siggy. Meet [GM] Harlequin, who, as far as I can tell, seems to be appointed to deal with tech issues. Also, we seem to be getting a bunch of help from iNub in the area of log in and program initiation issues. BTW, are you still playing the actual game? I've been hanging around channel 14, but I haven't seen you. You will recognize me immediately. All my guys are called Sicon. I hate making up names.
  2. Yo man, good news! My characters are back! In even better news, the guy who stole them ranked my Blader from 31/210 trans to 210/210, and ranked his magic from A. Master somewhere to max trans.
  3. Sweet! Sounds like a great idea!
  4. Hey man. I requested to become moderators of the tech support forums since we are the only ones helping people on it and the gms never troll this part of town. Hopefully they give us the power so we can sticky threads and get rid of old/solved ones.
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