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  1. no clue
  2. hey, what ever happen to kasame in the manga
  3. nah just coincidence cuz obito would be the same age as kakashi
  4. hey i think obito(the guy that gave kakashi the sharingan) is danzou(he got a patch over is right eye and he knows sharingan and kakashi got sharingan in his right eye)
  5. idk lol
  6. hey man whats up with episode 170.. or 171 it was boring ...
  7. have u tried uninstalling everything, deleting every single cabal file and then redownloading directly from the site and reinstalling?
  8. i keep d/c after i choosen my character
  9. what happened?
  10. well im not able to meet u in in game (was looking forward to no h omo .....still having problems...enso is helping me abit...... u got any advice
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