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  1. hmm u got your kando costume
  2. nope, they just look alike i guess lol
  3. hey just wondering is sai orichimaro son....cause it sort of look like it
  4. good luck
  5. ima try to find some more signatures of naruto.......hope i find one of naruto vs pain and sasuke vs. itachi
  6. xD no problem
  7. thanks again im watching it now 167 that is cause on youtube it had it choped up so......thanks XD
  8. nah i might not try the manga ima give it a try though ....(i hate reading)
  9. ima start let me go check that out to and ima change my sig to naruto vs sauske
  10. cool cool, you dont read the manga do ya? the manga is like way past the subbed episodes. sasuke doing crazy stuff. if you want to see the manga go to www.onemanga.com
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