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Conversation Between SkiYeon and Lord Kronius

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  1. i'm on vent you can talk to me on there you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeegro
  2. Ski can make super sayian babies. dude i'm tellin you find a girl with 7 differente ones than yoiu and we will see some serious shhh xD
  3. LOl gey. lemme use em =b
  4. +15 14 amp boots how do you [email protected]?
  5. In my position fayggot
  6. +15 14samp boots bro?? where ? lmaoo
  7. no i ment i need to visit xDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. Ok i'm sorry number 1 fb man don't hurt me :<
  9. I need to stop by merc more and say hi =]
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