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Conversation Between bardiel7777 and Listeria

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  1. happy match day?! <3333
  2. did you get ur account bak???
  3. She's quite busy I'm afraid. Most of the time she's in the hospital. But she says hi She misses Cabal a bit.
  4. i'm doing ok but i miss karen. how is she?
  5. Hi Amanda, its Karen's sister How you doing?
  6. you're back and no hi??! ;____;
  7. get on msn!!!
  8. :O Well you can farm on my land anyday
  9. i had a dream about you...

    You were a carrot farmer and I was a radish farmer and we had to take our med/pharm school tests to get farming exp...

  10. kawenmoo!! <3333
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