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  1. Get like a forci m amp and try for a 20 dmg forci or a topaz/lapis 30 dmg + Fa is an ez class to learn in my eyes so it shouldn't be to hard to reroll. BL on the other hand..ugh
  2. Awe dude im thinkin of rerolling to FA cus I have my 41cd helm on him lol. He is like the only one of my chars who will truly benefit from that helm cus its a low grade material so def change from osm helm isnt that big. I had major cd on him when i played and I didn't even have cd weps lol. I had +7 10cd forcy orbs and i still had around like 120cd and 896 M. Atk. shet imagine if i got some topaz 27cd orbs xD. Overkill.
  3. lol you could have just said no instead of coming up with that lame lie lol
  4. Gah i just got on the acc last nite and i 4got he got hacked. His Fs was striped clean exept for his char bind xtal and blade, but his Bl was untouched and his Wa's Amp gear was takin but he still has his amp osm suit and 32cd forcy gs. If the fs didn't get his gear striped then i would have gave you it since i have like 300-400m to work with on this wa but srry bro. =(
  5. Nope still need blade and xstal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. nah u str8 lol, i might sell the gear anyway to gear my bl up some more anyway xD
  7. DEEEEEEEENG GIMME FS GEAR BISH! I just rerolled too :S I luv u long time <3
  8. Ah cool. My bro just quit so hes giving me all his 160+ chars. He has a WA and FS that are epically geared both 160+ so i cnt w8 to try WA since i was to lazy to ever skill myn up to comp. lol
  9. Rerolled to fs lololol
  10. Hey bro its The6thGen, I havnt seen you in game lately. where ya been?
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