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  1. Noo don't worry you get ready for medical school! It's funny how we all are pursing medical careers (as in Johnny, mia, and myself) okay thanks for letting me know I'll messafe Johnny later and tell him.
  2. Hi Cass. I'm going to medical school next year so I probably won't be able to be active again o.o I'll pop in to say hi once in a while though!
  3. That birds should have messages me when you logged in. QQ I missed it and you won't be on for another 2 years now =((((
  4. Propropro! A little birdy told me you're hr18. Late congrats!
  5. maybe ill make a comeback this summer
  6. Awe
  7. I've had no time to play Cabal anymore
  8. Where have you been >.<
  9. It's been almost 2months since I logged in now. So it's understandable
  10. Yoooooo o.o

    I'm dead in Cabal >< only check forums. If you see Aion people tell em I said hi
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