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Conversation Between YumCookies and Berserk_Fury

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  1. Yeah, I just noticed your name in the notice about winning sig of the week or something. Thought it was kinda funny.
  2. Where else are you suppose to read bleach with super high quality scans on Wednesday?!?! Hehe too bad about raws this week though
  3. I see you go on mangastream =D
  4. T_T Krath quit?!
  5. Yes, he paid krath back. Thanks.
  6. Did ninja ever get back to you guys with the money? I talked to him like 4 days ago and he said he was going to pay krath back after he sold his stuff. But he hasn't been on since then :x
  7. Oh right, I'm stupid LOL.
  8. It doesn't work in visitor messages, but it works fine on the forum.
  9. Grrr...the white background is still there T_T...did it say invalid link or something?! I hate that Q_Q
  10. Thanks a bunch.
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