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Conversation Between F7AngeL and Marth

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  1. Hey you go play again since servers are merged.
  2. My IGN is iMarth
  3. Hey marth I gave my fa to a friend of mine and he'll probably move to mercury at some point, would you look after him for me haha. whats your ign I'll try to pm you when I can.
  4. Oh sorry, not Venus I meant Merc. You and Devil come back to Merc and join :]
  5. Your in venus?
  6. Ok how about you and Devil come back to venus and then you guys can join Tang! =D I am guild leader now gogo! Tell Devil i'll give him burgers.
  7. I dunno devil quit, and I already only did wars anyways so I barely get on and if I do I afk. lol
  8. Why did you quit? Now who am I going to pick on when I go to visit Venus?
  9. Yea, I quit cabal. :P
  10. Quit what, Cabal?
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