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Conversation Between GuardianPat and beowolf101

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  1. Cause it's kinda personal on bothsides
  2. y u need his permission? XD
  3. Yo ask Kevin if I can tell you the story between me and him
    if I can't get my computer fixed I need to ask a favor of you
  4. who said legend ?
    its more like a war
    who to pity more him or me thats about it
  5. the war of raid and kev :/
  6. i know his backround story and he knows mine
    we just don;t get on good terms any more
  7. a bit? o_o not a lot?
  8. lol
    well yea remember im mexican
    probably why i understand kevin a bit
  9. kinda similar as french lol, understand some part... ok ok lets not fight lol -.- :P
  10. eres un estupido soy mexicano -.-
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