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Conversation Between MyForumIsFISHIN and NiteFalcon

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  1. no all ur hos are belong to us.
  2. all yo hos belong to me now, aight?
  3. ohaidereyustealmyho?
  4. Yo no s meng, wth rong witchu mang u da so s
  5. have my babies
  6. Yo mang don't be frontin' on me mang, that's a ho'ish thing to do mang, u ho.
  7. Hey mang I ain't bein a Ho mang don't be talkin shet mang I ain't no ho mang dam mang
  8. Yo mang, why u a ho mang? Stop ho'ing up the community with your ho'ness mang.
  9. Less QQ more eod.
  10. Yeah you're a G.I.R.L
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