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Conversation Between Soryuha and SukiNanda

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  1. Eh, I just logged in randomly to see what was happening. Run PC and fail it since I'd get stunned two times in a row. The usual. I'd be active if Jess and Rowe were ever on so we could run something, but yeah.
  2. Icic. I'd be more active, but I'm still waiting and browsing the forums to see how things are in game before I log in again.
    But I think the bugs are fixed or at least, close to it. So I'll be fairly active again very soon.
  3. Not much, too bored to really get on to do anything since no one is on that I usually do anything with. If that makes sense.
  4. Sup Suki. Making sure I confirm the items disappearing glitch is fixed before I log in.
  5. Oh, hi.
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