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  1. oh lol so im gone for two days and u negros replace me in party? i very sad =(
    break 500 and well ill gib u a popsicle
  2. this is how you use FA bro

  3. [IMG][/IMG]
    hello broski
  4. Sexy =3
  5. zzz
  6. Lol buy me +15 set too while you're at it xD
  7. good to kno u didnt give up... Message me this afternoon on my T2 nub.. names XiiAi. next week ill have a +15 osm p/c Set for that wiz soon.. gonna be ballin. then ill buy Smexii back from 1shot so we can do shetunless u wanna come t2 with me =3
  8. oh idk xD im and im playing again haha im working on my bm3 and farming alz to buy kred lol
  9. lol idk wat that hoe is smokin but no im not banned.. just my account i useds infos chnged by the orriginal acc owner.. he gave me the cc when ther was nothin on it but after i did al lthe en work he decides to come chnge everythin a year or so latr
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