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Conversation Between Valdoroth and CandiCoatted

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  1. Any new threads your working on?
  2. See what had happen was.........
  3. Hii friend! How're you miss Idon'tliketorespondtoyouonFB?
  4. Hello
  5. poke!
  6. Ready to pvp Friday?
  7. lol, you're such a goofball. Mega up up on your orb. Also, oh dif orb. Whatver lol. I bought my sig helm yesterday I'm officially full sig. Just gotta +15 it now. I got it +10 twice. How're you?
  8. I'm moving to Florida
  9. Wait no! I asked you before you even started pulsing the orb soo tech... No I don't lol

    And omg I think im going to Paris and Egypt in July!!! Okay dad said we were hopefully the plan doesn't change. Either that or new York
  10. I wouldn't really say new home. I came from Venus remember. I just created a home for other ppls. And if I had 2.2b I'd buy them for you. and obviously get paid back ^_~. Remember I don't owe you anything, but you could techincally say you owe me for those echh that i said don't worry about. :P <3 I do miss you and shuold be visiting in August sometime.
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