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Conversation Between Valdoroth and CandiCoatted

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  1. Well you found your new home in Venus! The dead sever but pretty cheap stuff.... Ill go if you buy me that amp orb in ah for 1b and the 26 DMG orb in ah for 1.2b I can sell one orb and pay it all ha!!!

    Go go Val!!!!!!
  2. Yesh ma'am I am still in Venus running my own guild: ImperialLegion. We're a pretty happy group of ppl
  3. It Your still in Venus?! Eww
  4. Duhh...
  5. Hey Cassey , When I come to merc, are we going to pvp alot?
  6. Hii =)
  7. poke! ^_^
  8. # 12...? o.o oookays
    and that would be great lol
  9. oh wow! you're # 12 on the forums ^_^, only 3 behind me .
    Oh hey btw, I think Imma come visit this mid-late summer in Merc. We'll have to have some more battles!
  10. I was kinda joking o.o. , but if you did, Ely could say hi, and we could PVP bunches until you leave.

    Btw can you do me a favor? Can you email me a file?C:// Program Files/ Cabal Online/ Data/ UI/ Theme1 ---->ui_texture0.dds and ui_texture1.dds. Some reason I think one of those two of mine isn't correct 100%. ^_^
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